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"Doubles" - Artisan Glass bead earrings - green and green swirls doubles


Double the cuteness! Double the colours! Double the beads!

Handmade artisan glass beads with a patterned bottom bead and a matching single colour bead. Matched with a Swarovski crystal bead and silver plated components.

The artisan glass beads are handmade in the home studio from all around the world and specially selected for use in my jewellery creation for their high quality, vibrant colour, artistic style and uniqueness.

All metal components used are either high quality silver plated or in some cases sterling silver. Silver plating has benefit of not tarnishing as does sterling silver.

The crystal and pearl beads used are genuine Swarovski beads with the exception of when I use fresh water pearls.

All items are individually packaged in cellophane with a piece of anti-tarnish paper.

All jewellery made by myself has my creative flair to it and most pieces are one-off items.